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Collect ‘Em All: FFXIV Mininig Collectables Guide

You’ll also unlock Collectibles at Level 50, after seeking out and completing the quest Inscrutable Tastes. Some rare gathering nodes allow you to harvest unique items that only the discerning (and careful) Miner can pluck from the earth.  

Image: Square Enix via HGG / Mitch Gentry

There’s a bit of a minigame involved — you have to balance the target collectability level of the item with the integrity of the node. Work the node too hard, and you lose your chance to get the item. Consequently, the sorts of collectors interested in such items will only reward you if it meets their high threshold for quality. Use your minigame-specific abilities like Scour, Brazen Prospector, Meticulous Prospector, and Scrutiny to increase the item’s collectability to the desired, but keep and eye on the integrity. Make sure there’s enough left for you to reap the reward. Then turn it in at a Collectible Appraiser at any Scrip Exchange for Scrips which you can use to get unique gear, materials, and other bonuses.

The Miner Rotation

By now, you have the gist: enter a new area with Prospect on, use Lay of the Land to find the nearest mining nodes, then get to work. Make sure to keep Truth of Mountains on to sense those ultra-rare nodes, snatch up any collectibles you come across, and grind out your way through the Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers areas.

Image: Square Enix via HGG / Mitch Gentry

We’re sure that you’re already familiar with the different types of materials you’ll come across, from ores to gems and even some surprises. You should have some friendly crafters you can trade with by now, or (if all else fails) you can sell your goods on the Market Board for gil or keep them for your own future crafting endeavors.

We may seem like a broken record, but stay on top of your Miner class quests. They offer bundles of experience points as well as equipment and gear to keep you swinging away. You’re a Miner now. Go forth and conquer Eorzea as only one who can pull bountiful wealth from earth and rock can.

But perhaps it would help to cast an eye over the other tools you’ll be using along the way: your skills and traits.

Rang [ ]

Värvade spelare kan gå upp i sina respektive stora företag. Var och en av de stora företagen följer samma rangordningshierarki, med ett prefix för att beteckna lojalitet: Storm för Maelström, Orm för tvillinghuggarens ordning och flamma för odödliga flammor.

Maximal tätning
Anmäl dig
Privat tredje klass
10 000
Privat andra klass
15 000
Privat första klass
20 000
25 000
Sergeant tredje klass
30 000
Sergeant andra klass
35 000
Sergeant första klass
40 000
45 000
50 000
Förste löjtnant
80 000
90 000

Spelare som har nått andra löjtnant eller högre är berättigade att börja träna äventyrsskvadroner . De är också berättigade att begära en överföring till ett annat storföretag.

How to get Seals?


One of the obvious ways of ranking up in a Grand Company is to take on full active time events, where you have to fight off different monsters and earn seals for it.

In each FATE, there may be a special type of monster to challenge you, so it’s good to develop a diverse set of combat skills to ensure you get as many seals as possible. You can turn in the earned seals to receive XP, which is essential in helping you rank up.

Duty Roulettes

Roulettes are also a source of Seals.

Make sure you join the right roulettes if you focus on ranking up in Grand Company, as there are only two of them that grant seals – Leveling Roulettes and Guildhests Roulettes. You will get the chance to play roulette once a day. But, if you play as an Adventurer in Need, you can gamble an infinite number of times.

Supply Missions

Gathering and crafting jobs can earn Seals by completing daily supply and provision missions.

You will have to hunt for resources, craft armors, or cook certain food, later exchanged for indispensable XP and seals for ranking up.

Expert Delivery

Doing Expert Deliveries can help increase your rank quickly, but the trick is this feature isn’t available at the beginning of your Grand Company journey. You have to reach the Seargent Second Class to unlock Expert Deliveries.

That’s why you have to work with the previously mentioned methods until you get to this one. During an Expert Delivery, you bring valuable items to the Grand Company and sell them to an in-house vendor in exchange for seals. Acceptable items are those whose names are colored in pink, blue or green. Yellow gear is not accepted. You can repeatedly deliver items you have earned from dungeons and trials. The exception is weapons and armor that have been obtained from job missions.

Why rank up in Grand Company?

There are two main motivations to rank up in GC. The first one is access to a lot of loot. The higher your rank, the more items get unlocked and are ready to serve you, including crafting materials, armor, weapons, glamour items like Glamour Prisms that find their use in your cosmetics and can be obtained in exchange for seals.

The second motivation for ranking up is Squadrons. You can use a Squadron in many ways. You can take it with you when traveling to dungeons and on Command Missions. After putting it together and training it, you can send it on individual missions to explore the area and collect items for you. Moreover, each quest they complete earns them experience, which helps them rank up and become more skilled.

FFXIV: Grand Company Ranks

Although there are 3 Grand Companies in FFXIV, their ranks are similar. However, players have to complete unique objectives in each Grand Company to reach the next rank. The table below lists the company ranks, and the objectives for each one:

Rank The Order of the Twin Adder Promotion Rank The Maelstrom

Promotion Rank

The Immortal Flames Promotion Rank
Private Third Class Completion of Wood’s Will be Done Completion of Till Sea Swallows Completion of For Coin and Country
Private Second Class 2000 Serpent Seals 2000 Storm Seals 2000 Flame Seals
Private First Class 3000 Serpent Seals 3000 Storm Seals 3000 Flame Seals
Corporal 4000 Serpent Seals 4000 Storm Seals 4000 Flame Seals
Sergeant Third Class ·  Completion of Hunting Log: Order of the Twin Adder Rank 1

·  5000 Serpent Seals

·  Completion of Hunting Log: Maelstrom Rank 1

·  5000 Storm Seals

·  Completion of Hunting Log: Immortal Flames Rank 1

·  5000 Flame Seals

Sergeant Second Class 6000 Serpent Seals 6000 Storm Seals 6000 Flame Seals
Sergeant First Class 7000 Serpent Seals 7000 Storm Seals 7000 Flame Seals
Chief Sergeant ·  Completion of Shadows Uncast

·  8000 Serpent Seals

·  Completion of Shadows Uncast

·  8000 Storm Seals

·  Completion of Shadows Uncast

·  8000 Flame Seals

Second Lieutenant ·  Completion of Hunting Log: Order of the Twin Adder Rank 2

·  Gliding the Bilious

·  9000 Serpent Seals

·  Completion of Hunting Log Maelstrom rank 2

·  Gliding the Bilious

·  9000 Storm Seals

·  Completion of Hunting Log Immortal Flames rank 2

·  Gliding the Bilious

·  9000 Flame Seals

First Lieutenant Completion of Flagged Mission: Crystal Recovery via Adventurer Squadrons Completion of Flagged Mission: Crystal Recovery Completion of Flagged Mission: Crystal Recovery
Captain ·  Completion of Flagged Mission: Sapper Strike via Adventurer Squadrons

·  5 Command Missions

·  Completion of Flagged Mission: Sapper Strike

·  5 Command Missions

·  Completion of Flagged Mission: Sapper Strike

·  5 Command Missions

Square Enix

Players should note that their ranking depends on their Grand Company. For instance, if you join The Immortal Flames, your ranking is the Flame Private Third Class, but if you are part of The Maelstrom, you are Storm Private Third Class.

Can you have a higher rank than Captain?

Regardless of the Grand Company you are in, the highest rank is Captain. The game’s developer, Square Enix, has yet to give any hints regarding whether they will introduce additional Grand Company ranks.

Only twice in FFXIV’s history have ranks been added. First Lieutenant was introduced with the Heavensward expansion, and Captain came with Stormblood.

Regrettably, the Shadowbringers expansion did not continue this cycle. It is thus unclear if the next rank, Second Commander, will become available in the future.

How many seals can each rank have?

When you first join a Grand Company, you start at the rank of Private Third Class. This means that you can hold a maximum of 10 000 Company Seals. When you reach the limit, any additional seals disappear. The maximum seals that each rank can have are:

Rank Maximum seals
Private Third Class 10 000
Private Second Class 15 000
Private First Class 20 000
Corporal 25 000
Sergeant Third Class 30 000
Sergeant Second Class 35 000
Sergeant First Class 40 000
Chief Sergeant 45 000
Second Lieutenant 50 000
First Lieutenant 80 000
Captain 90 000

Can you change your Grand Company?

Once you reach the Second Lieutenant rank, you can change your Grand Company, but doing so resets you to the lowest rank of Private Third Class, unless you were a member of the Grand Company previously.

Your squadron will move with you when you unlock the required rank in the new Grand Company. That being said, Company Seals do not transfer, but they will be at your previous company if you transfer back.


Supply and Provision Missions

Grand Companies are always in need of supplies in their daily operations. Players can earn experience points for specific classes and company seals by crafting or gathering the items required and delivering them. Talk to a Grand Company Personnel Officer to complete the delivery.

  • There is one daily request for every crafting and gathering class each, and the experience rewarded is given to the respective class.
  • The items required changes every day, with higher-level items being requested as the corresponding class levels up. Players can check the items by selecting the Timers under the Duty tab in the main menu.
  • Items with a star next to them will yield extra experience points. This is on top of any HQ bonuses.
  • Supply and Provision Missions reset every day at 8PM GMT. This is five hours after the normal Daily Reset.

Note: All the companies’ supply requests provide double rewards (both EXP and seals) if you turn in HQ items.

Expert Delivery Missions

Grand Companies also accept rare equipment. Players can donate these sellable items to their grand companies in exchange for seals. Players can speak to a Grand Company Personnel Officer to donate items.Note: A rank of Sergeant Second Class or higher is required.

  • Acceptable items include all gear that with names that are not yellow in their help window. This includes most items of Aetherial rarity or higher.
  • You must have reached Sergeant Second Class in your grand company to unlock this option.
  • Equipment items obtained from dungeons, trials, or tomestone vendors may be repeatedly delivered as desired. However, weapons and armor that can be repurchased from the Calamity Salvager (such as most gear obtained from job quests) cannot be delivered.

Grand Company Leves

Players can complete these special levequests to earn items, experience and company seals. Leves can be done for any Grand Company, but a seals bonus is awarded for leves matching the player’s chosen company.

Прокачка героев

Усиливать героев можно следующими способами:

Upgrade. Это повышение уровня героя, отмечается как “+1”, “+2” и так далее. Каждый уровень дает сравнительно невысокий прирост к характеристикам. Чем больше у героя звезд, тем выше может быть уровень (до +12). В отличие от многих других игр, здесь уровень героя не улучшается с очками опыта. Он повышается при помощи жертв, каждая из которых дает определенный шанс прироста уровня. Например, жертва с тремя звездочками повысит уровень с 50% вероятностью, а с одной — всего с 1% вероятности. Жертв можно собирать, проходя уровни кампании и получая их в награду за те или иные достижения.

Evolve. Это эволюция или повышение количества звезд героя. Оно дает массивные приросты к характеристикам, но возможно только если герой достиг определенного уровня (например, для шести звезд нужен герой с +9). Для эволюции нужны Эвостоуны того же класса, что и герой. Чем больше звезд у героя, тем больше нужно Эвостоунов. Получать их можно в рейдах на босса, проходя башню, выполняя ежедневные реквесты или покупая в магазине за Praha (голубые шарики). Также в гильдии можно обмениваться Эвостоунами с другими игроками.

Prestige. Уровень престижа поднимает характеристики героя. Повышать престиж можно только для героев с 6 звездами и уровнем +12. Для повышения нужны Марки Престижа, получаемые за продажу героев или за монеты реквестов в магазине.

Trait. Черты героя, дающие какие-либо постоянные прибавки. Доступны с 10 уровнем престижа. Требуются Очки Черт, получаемые за достижение определенных уровней престижа.

Awakening. Пробуждение перекрашивает одну из звезд в лиловый цвет и дает высокий буст к характеристикам. Для пробуждения необходимо иметь такого же героя с уровнем +12 и 6 звездами (без пробуждения) или ресурс Splendid Shiny.

Promote. Повышение ранга изменит ранг героя с A до S или с S до SR. Для повышения ранга потребуется герой с уровнем +12, 6 звездами и 6 пробуждениями и 500000 монет. После повышения ранга уровень пробуждения сбросится до 0.

Также можно усиливать не отдельных героев, а целый класс: выберите меню Hero Training в Party и потратьте золото и Blessings of Valor на повышение уровня класса. Это даст небольшие прибавки всем героям этого класса. Максимальный уровень класса — 120; чем он выше, тем дороже следующее повышение.

How to Farm Grand Company Seals in 2022

Why do you want to be a higher rank within your Grand Company, outside of the raised cap on Company Seals? Well, higher ranks give you access to better items at the storefronts from the respective Quartermasters. The lower ranks simply offer gear, but higher ranks give you access to worthwhile materials. Notably, at the Sergeant Rank, you can purchase Glamour Prisms and Glamour Dispellers from the Quartermasters, among other things (more on that later). With the “why” out of the way, let’s talk about the “how.”

Expert Deliveries Are The Best

This is the best way to gain ranks, but it won’t unlock until you reach the Sergeant Second Class. (You’ll have to use the other methods to reach this rank first). Expert Deliveries allow you to turn in weapons and armor to your Personnel Officer for seals. Eligible weapons and armor are anything marked with green, blue, or pink rarity, and you get more Company Seals for gear with higher item levels.

You can turn in gear to your Grand Company’s Personnel Officer:

  • Storm Personnel Officer – Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X: 13.1, Y: 12.7)
  • Flame Personnel Officer – Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X: 8.3, Y: 9.0)
  • Serpent Personnel Officer – New Gridania (X: 9.8, Y: 11.0)

Select “Undertake supply and provisioning missions” and then click the “Expert Delivery” tab. This will show all of the gear in your inventory that can be sold to your Grand Company for Seals.

Once you’ve unlocked Expert Deliveries, the fastest way to get gear to sell is to run dungeons on a max level character unsynced. For a full level 90, running late Heavensward and early Stormblood dungeons will be the best way to farm. Dungeons like Sirensong Sea, the Great Gubal Library, and the Antitower are all great options that can be completed in 5 minutes or less. You want to do these solo, because then all the gear in the loot pool goes directly to you.

Likewise, you can do an unsynced raid like Alexander – The Fist of the Father (A1N). Trade in the raid currency at the respective vendor in order to get the raid gear, and then turn that back in to the Company Personnel Officer for a chunk of Seals.


Completing any FATE of any level will net you some GC Seals. This is also good if you’re grinding FATEs in a specific region for alt leveling, a Relic Weapon quest, or something else. Honestly, this is the primary way to power-level Grand Company Ranks.

Duty Roulettes

There are two Duty Roulettes that offer Company Seals: Leveling and Guildhests. We recommend doing Leveling every day and skipping the Guildhests one. If you’re a Tank or Healer, your queues will be instant and you’ll be getting about 1,000 Seals per run. (It’s also the best Duty Roulette to run for leveling up alternate Jobs.)

Supply and Provision Missions

If you’re a Disciple of the Land or Hand, these missions might be the best bet for you. Talk to your Company Personnel Officer and you can receive a quest to provide gathered or crafted items. You can do this once per day for each crafting and gathering Job unlocked. Talk to the Personnel Officer and select “Undertake supply and provisioning missions.” This is also great for leveling gatherers or crafters!

Grand Company Leves

These are Levequests that are marked as belonging to each Grand Company. You can do any of those Guildleves for any Company, but you gain extra experience and Seals if you do a Guildleve for the Company you belong to. These come from specific Levemetes, which includes the following:

Level 20-25

  • Eugene (Maelstrom) – Lower La Noscea (X: 23.7, Y: 34.9)
  • Cedrepierre (Twin Adder) – East Shroud (X: 16.3, Y: 27.5)
  • Kikiri (Immortal Flame) – Eastern Thanalan (X: 13.8, Y: 24)

Level 30

  • C’lafumyn (Maelstrom) – Western La Noscea (X: 33.4, Y: 30.6)
  • H’amneko (Twin Adder) – South Shroud (X: 17.4, Y: 30.3)
  • Blue Herring (Immortal Flame) – Southern Thanalan (X: 18.6, Y: 13.1)

Level 35

Haisie (All Companies) – Coerthas Central Highlands (X: 25, Y: 28.6)

Level 40

Lodille (All Companies) – Coerthas Central Highlands (X: 11.9, Y: 16.8)

Level 45

Eidhart (All Companies) – Mor Dhona (X: 30.7, Y: 12.1)

Как изменить свою великую компанию

Сменить великую роту очень просто, но вам понадобится быть вторым лейтенантом сильный>в первую очередь в вашей первоначальной Гранд Компании. Как только вы достигнете этого ранга, вы разблокируете все покупаемые предметы из этого GC, так что лучше всего сначала нацелиться на второго лейтенанта.

После того, как вы станете вторым лейтенантом, направляйтесь в штаб-квартиру Великой роты, в которую вы хотели бы перейти . Их местонахождение указано ниже:

  • Maelstrom — Maelstrom Command, Limsa Lominsa (x: 13.1, y: 12.7)
  • Twin Adder — Adders Гнездо, Новая Гридания (x: 9,8, y: 11,0)
  • Бессмертное пламя — Зал Пламени, Ульда (x: 8,3, y: 9,1)

Затем поговорите с офицером по кадрам Grand Company за столом. Если вы переводите крупные компании впервые, комиссия за перевод будет равна нулю . В противном случае вам придется платить 50 000 гил каждый раз, когда вы захотите перейти в новую большую компанию. Кроме того, вы не сможете повторно выполнить перенос в течение 15 дней .Помимо этих двух условий, вы можете передавать сколько угодно крупных компаний.

После разговора с сотрудником по кадрам и уплаты необходимого вознаграждения вы будете официально переведены в вашу новую большую компанию.

Berättelse [ ]

Konstverk av Akihiko Yoshida.

Den Maelstrom

I hjärtat av den thalassokratiska marinen ligger Lominsan Armada, bestående av nio oberoende skvadroner, den första till den nionde.
Maelström är en förlängning av den första skvadronen och utökar dess roll som armadas flaggskepp och ger den makt att administrera inte bara de återstående åtta skvadronerna, utan de olika handelsflottorna som navigerar i havet utanför
Vylbrand .

I och med att Maelström återupprättades har amiralen också påbörjat förfarandet för att åberopa gammal sjölag, genom vilken hon skulle marknadsföra sig själv till chefsadmiral, vilket effektivt utökar sin auktoritet så att den inte bara täcker statliga och militära affärer utan ger henne makt att direkt befalla alla fartyg i Lominsan -vatten och straffa fritt alla som inte lyder. Naturligtvis är stadstatens pirater inte på väg att ta detta intrång i deras frihet utan kamp.

Maelstrom leds av amiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn och stormenmarskalken Eynzahr Slafyrsyn . Äventyrare kan ansluta sig till den utländska avgiften, under högstormchefen R’ashaht Rhiki. Malströmuniformer kännetecknas av sin djupröda nyans.

Den beställa av Twin Adder

Tvillinghuggarens ordning upprättar ett medium från vilket frösådarna kan återvända från sina vandringar djupt inne i svarta höljet och direkt övervaka inte bara säkerheten för Gridanias medborgare, utan den lokala vaktens arbete, båda gudarnas koger, som försvarar skogen från yttre hot och Wood Wailers, som skyddar den från interna stridigheter, har uttryckt sitt stöd för denna tillfälliga åtgärd.

Det finns dock de inom Gridania som skulle ifrågasätta Seeders förmåga, vars uppgifter hittills har begränsats till olika ritualistiska förfaranden, och tvivlar på om de är lämpliga att leda en nation i krig eller inte.

Ordern om tvillinghuggaren leds av äldste Seedseer Kan-E-Senna och stormormmarskalken Swethryk Brookstone. Äventyrare kan ansluta sig till de gula ormarna, under överordnade befälhavaren Vorsaile Heuloix. Twin Adder -uniformer kännetecknas av sitt ljusgula pigment.

De odödliga lågorna

För närvarande kommer huvuddelen av
Ul’dahs militära styrka från deras stående armé av legosoldater och den lilla kontingenten hos palatsvakten som kallas Sultansworn. För att få ordning på deras led och övervaka ytterligare krigstidsträning har Sultana övervägt att återuppliva de odödliga flammorna-en elitstyrka av stridshärdade veteraner som en gång ingjutit rädsla i stadsstatens grannländer under tidigare tider.

Denna enhet skulle fungera som en kärnaspekt av armén, väsentligen stärka dess makt och i själva verket ge Sultana och hennes rådgivare mer auktoritet-något som de som kontrollerar stadens ekonomi-nämligen syndikatet-är försiktiga med .

The Immortal Flames Grand Company leds av Flame General Raubahn Aldynn och Grand Flame Marshal Eline Roaille . Äventyrare kan gå med i Free Brigade, under befäl Swift. Immortal Flame -uniformer kännetecknas av sin kolgrå palett.

Crystal Braves

Under de senare händelserna i A Realm Reborn kom Alphinaud Leveilleur att se de stora företagen som otillräckliga för att täcka alla nya hot mot Eorzea. Med välsignelse från stadstatsledarna skapade han ett oberoende Grand Company som kallades Crystal Braves som endast var ansvarig för Minfilia Warde och Scions of the Seventh Dawn . Detta företag skapades för att hantera problem som är för stora för att någon stadsstat ska kunna hantera och täcka klyftorna mellan de befintliga stora företagen; med sin hemmabas belägen i bosättningen Revenant’s Toll .

Crystal Braves leds av Alphinaud och Grand Crystal Marshal Ilberd Feare . Till skillnad från de andra stora företagen kan äventyrare inte direkt ansluta sig till Crystal Braves eller utföra leveranser och leverera uppdrag för dem. Crystal Brave -uniformer utmärks av sin ultramarina färg.

Crystal Braves upplöstes senare av Alphinaud efter interna strider, korruption och händelser som inträffar strax före Heavensward . De som fortfarande var lojala mot Alphinaud blev en del av Scions of the Seventh Dawn .

The Grand Company of Eorzea

Som svar på Fandaniels förklaring om att återskapa de sista dagarna som förstörde Amaurot , går alliansen tillsammans med odelsstammarna överens om att enas mot Telophoroi som ett riksomfattande storföretag , samtidigt som de hoppas att undvika ett liknande öde som drabbade kristallen Modiga.

Liksom sin föregångare kan spelare inte gå med eller utföra uppgifter för dem.

Which Grand Company Should You Choose?

The three Grand Companies are very similar, but there are a few key differences between them that can help you decide which one you want to join. Let’s go over those differences, and take a look at why you might want to change your Grand Company.

Differences Between Grand Companies

The main difference is having access to different cosmetic items, like GC-specific glamour items. If you’re trying to decide which Grand Company to join, first see which one has glamour items that you like the best.

In addition to armor and weapons, the following items also differ between Grand Companies. These are items that you can purchase from the Quartermaster in your respective Grand Company Headquarters for GC Seals.

  • Chocobo Barding
  • Chocobo Hatchling Minion
  • Furniture
  • Aetheryte Ticket (destination depends on GC)

Each Grand Company also has its own set of achievements that can only be earned if you are a member of that Grand Company. These achievements will reward the following:


  • Stormlord/Stormlady
  • The Stormsworn
  • Stormcarrier
  • Stormbringer
  • Serpentlord/Serpentlady
  • The Serpentsworn
  • Serpentcarrier
  • Serpentbringer
  • Flamelord/Flamelady
  • The Flamesworn
  • Flamecarrier
  • Flamebringer


Maelstrom Escutcheon

Twin Adder Escutcheon

Immortal Flames Escutcheon


Crimson Standard Bracelet

Lily and Serpent Bracelet

Tipping Scales Bracelet


Crimson Standard Earring

Lily and Serpent Earring

Tipping Scales Earring


Crimson Standard Ring

Lily and Serpent Ring

Tipping Scales Ring


Mammet #003L

Mammet #003G

Mammet #003U

If you still can’t decide which Grand Company to join, don’t fret. As discussed above, changing your Grand Company is simple and easy. Additionally, you will keep all of your progress in your original Grand Company if you do decide to change it.

For example, if you originally joined the Immortal Flames, but have decided you want to join the Maelstrom instead, you will keep your Flame Seals and Immortal Flames rank, but you won’t be able to access them.

Similarly, you will retain ownership of any GC-specific items that you purchased, but you won’t be able to wear them. If you rejoin your original Grand Company, you’ll have access to those items again. Your squadron will also carry over to your new GC, so rest assured the hard work you put into leveling them up won’t go to waste.

Below is a quick list of things that you will keep, should you decide to join a different Grand Company.

  • Grand Company Seals
  • Rank
  • Cosmetic Items
    • Armor
    • Weapons
    • Furniture
    • Minions
    • Chocobo Barding

Squadron members and levels Titles and Achievement Progress

Benefits of Changing Grand Companies

Although you can only be in one Grand Company at a time, there are a few benefits to eventually getting around to ranking up in all three. For completionist players, you’ll want to grab all the achievements from each Grand Company, as well as having each Grand Company’s glamour items. While you can’t use the outfits if you aren’t part of that Grand Company, collectors will be glad to own them all.

If you manage to collect all three Grand Company’s Chocobo Bardings, there’s even an exclusive title in it for you.

Additionally, being the highest rank in each Grand Company means you can stock up on GC Seals for three different factions. While this may not seem like a big deal, stocking up on seals can be beneficial if you’re working on Relic Weapons, or you plan to spend them all on materials for other projects. Either way, being able to hold up to 270,000 GC Seals can be a great help.

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What is Grand Company in FFXIV

There are three grand companies in FFXIV that players will be required to join to continue the main story. It’s essential to consider which one to join, especially if you look forward to obtaining certain items and gear. Players can join the three grand companies: Maelstorm, Immortal Flames, and The Order of the Twin Adder.

These grand companies reward in the same way, so players can choose the one they prefer. You can obtain gear exclusive to a grand company that you can join. Players can also interact with others in FFXIV Novice Network to hear other opinions about a grand company.

Grand Companies in FFXIV

There are 3 Grand Companies in FFXIV. There are

  • The Order Of The Twin Adder.
  • The Immortal Flames.
  • The Maelstorm.

These companies all serve the exact same purpose, joining them allows you to purchase loot and reap other benefits. The gear itself is universal across all companies. It just has differing themes fitting their respective cities. To join a Grand Company, you have to go to its respective city.

  • The Order Of The Twin Adder: Can be found in New Gridania.
  • The Immortal Flames: Can be found in Ul’dah.
  • The Maelstorm: Can be found in Limsa Lominsa.

The Order Of The Twin Adder

The Order of The Twin Adder

If you love nature and various grassy aesthetics, then The Order of the Twin Adder is the best grand company in FFXIV for you. The Order of the Twin Adder is located in Gridania, a town situated in a forest. You might have trouble finding the grand company without a map.

The order of the Twin Adder is located further away from the aertheryte. Still, choosing a company in this location is worth it due to its lush and floral aesthetics that can appeal to the players’ senses. You can use some of the best FFXIV addons to improve graphics further.

Kan-e-Senna leads the grand company. The grand company is a wooden building, and you can spot the company members through their well-designed uniforms. Their gear is made up of natural colors, including yellow and brown. Players can do certain quests from NPCs specific to the Order of the Twin Adder. These NPCs include Scarlet and Vorsaile Heuloix.

The Maelstorm

The Maelstorm

Maelstorm is a grand company in FFXIV that best suits players if they prefer PvP combat. The company is well known for its excellent performance in combat and for winning battles. Moreover, players would be able to experience the aesthetics of the beautiful seaside each time they visit Maelstorm. Furthermore, the market board is near the aetheryte so that players can easily access it.

Additionally, players can do grand company quests for various characters exclusive to the Maelstorm company. These characters include Rashant Rhiki and Trachraet. Players can also obtain exclusive weapons and gear by completing their hunting logs.

The company headquarters is located in Limsa Lominsa and consists of five squadrons. The admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn rose to power and oversees navy matters in the FFXIV world. Maelstorm members can be recognized with black and red clothing that may appeal to some players.

Players can get exclusive Maelstorm grand company gear in FFXIV if they like the uniform. On the subject of fashion, check out our Final Fantasy styled for hire guide.

The Immortal Flames

The immortal flames

This grand Company is composed of soldiers ready for combat, The headquarters of the company is located in Uldah. Their knight-style gear might appeal to some players, so join the immortal flames if you love their uniform. If you are a fan of desert aesthetics, then immortal flames would appeal to your taste.

Moreover, if you want to quickly get to your grand company, you might want to pick the immortal flames. Getting to the company is convenient because it’s near to the Aetheryte.

The grand company is presided by Rauban and his team of knights. If you pick Immortal Flames, you can complete its specific quests given to you by swift and Mimio Mio. If you are interested in these characters, you can choose the grand company to get to know more about them.

Moreover, you will also be able to obtain elite flame weapons set if you pick the Immortal Flames. You can obtain the serpent weapon set from the company.

How To Change Your Grand Company

Changing your Grand Company is very simple, but you will need to be a Second Lieutenant in your original Grand Company first. Once you’ve achieved this rank, you will have unlocked all purchasable items from that GC, so it’s best to aim for Second Lieutenant first anyway.

After you’ve achieved Second Lieutenant, head to the Headquarters of the Grand Company you’d like to transfer to. Their locations are listed below:

  • Maelstrom — Maelstrom Command, Limsa Lominsa (x:13.1, y:12.7)
  • Twin Adder — Adders’ Nest, New Gridania (x:9.8, y:11.0)
  • Immortal Flames — Hall of Flames, Ul’dah (x:8.3, y:9.1)

Next, speak with the Grand Company’s Personnel Officer at the desk. If this is your first time transferring Grand Companies, the transfer fee will be zero. Otherwise, you will be required to pay 50,000 gil each time you want to transfer to a new Grand Company. Also, you won’t be able to transfer again for 15 days. Outside of these two stipulations, you can transfer Grand Companies as much as you want.

After speaking with the Personnel Officer and paying the requisite fee, you will be officially transferred to your new Grand Company.


Rank Seals Needed for Next Rank Maximum Seals Comments
Private Third Class 2000 10,000
Private Second Class 3000 15,000
Private First Class 4000 20,000
Corporal 5000 25,000
Sergeant Third Class 6000 30,000 Must complete Company Rank 1
Sergeant Second Class 7000 35,000 Unlocks
Sergeant First Class 8000 40,000
Chief Sergeant 9000 45,000 Must complete Shadows Uncast
Second Lieutenant 10,000 50,000 Must complete Gilding the BiliousMust complete Company Rank 2Unlocks Player Housing, The Hunt, and Adventurer Squadrons
First Lieutenant 80,000 Adventurer Squadrons Rank 3 by completing Flagged Mission: Crystal Recovery
Captain 90,000 Must complete 5 unique Command MissionsMust complete Flagged Mission: Sapper Strike
Second Commander Ranks higher than Captain are visible in the menu but currently unattainable.
First Commander
High Commander
Rear Marshal
Vice Marshal
Grand Marshal
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