Final fantasy 14: гайд по драгуну (drg)

FF14 Dragoon — Summary

While at first glance, Dragoon’s combos can seem a bit overwhelming with the number of actions required to perform them, but it is actually one of the simplest DPS jobs to learn. You’re going to have to memorize the somewhat long rotations, but it’s basically the only difficult part. The resource management is extremely easy and all you have to do upon activating Life of the Dragon is weaving two extra abilities in your standard combo. The rotation is extremely stable – the game doesn’t throw you any curveballs or procs to respond to.

Lack of double-weaving makes the job viable even if you have some latency issues. It also makes Dragoon less mechanically demanding. Furthermore, you’re not entirely selfish as a damage dealer – you can offer some support in the form of Battle Litany and Dragon Sight. At the same time, if you execute your combos and utilize cooldowns properly, your personal DPS will also be really high. If you‘re looking for a powerful FFXIV Shadowbringers damage dealer that won’t overwhelm you with all the intricate mechanics, you definitely should give Dragoon a shot!

4 танцора

Танцовщица, одна из новейших профессий в Final Fantasy 14, — это не только класс поддержки, но и разносчик урона. По этой причине его производительность — самая низкая из всех классов DPS. Однако при правильном использовании баффы группы в его наборе инструментов компенсируют низкий базовый урон.

К 70-му уровню танцор может не только постоянно усиливать урон своего избранного «партнера по танцу», & rdquo; но они также могут временно повысить ДПС всей группы, предоставляя прекрасное окно возможностей для развязывания их самых мощных атак. Добавьте бафф защиты для всей группы, слабое, но быстрое заклинание исцеления и некоторые из лучших умений с областью действия любого класса, Танцовщица довольно крутая. Танцоры заметили аккуратное изменение в Endwalker, в котором срабатывания его заклинаний теперь полагаются на те же эффекты комбо-действий. Это изменение по сравнению с навыками стрельбы по одной цели и AOE-оружия, с которыми он ранее работал.

10 Most Epic Dragoon/DRG Weapons — And How To Get Them in FFXIV






What are your favourite Dragoon weapons?
Let me know in the comment section !

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Nobuo Uematsu — Dragonsong
Masayoshi Soken — Heroes, Freefall, Primogenitor

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The Final Step: Irresistible

This step will require you to gather 15x Raw Emotion, and there are four different ways to gather these:

  • Dalriada in Zadnor (3 per clear)
  • Delubrum Reginae (Normal) (2 per clear)
  • Lvl. 70 Dungeons (Synced) (1 per clear)
  • Heaven on High (a chance for 1 every 10 floors :/)


You should try to get Dalriada if it pops while you are already in Zadnor, as it is quite a fast instance compared to Castrum. On top of that you will get 3 of them just for one clear. However, it’s still not the fastest way to farm Raw Emotions.

Delubrum Reginae

Delubrum runs are pretty nice but as you know it can be rather slow, and if you’re in a rush to farm Raw Emotions you do have better options, however, as you should know you can ALSO get Timeworn Artifacts from the previous relic step at the same time! So this makes for a good “two for one” deal and will make it much nicer to grind out. (With the bonus Honors of Valor damage stacks Delubrum should be overall faster to grind the more people unlock these).

Level 70 Dungeons

Perhaps the fastest way to farm Raw Emotions is through the Level 70 Dungeons!

To keep it brief the fastest dungeons you will want to run is:

  • Hells’ Lid
  • The Burn
  • The Fractal Continuum (Hard)

There are a few other decent dungeons but they have a few downsides. Temple of the Fist, Mocianne’s Arboretum & Ghimlyt are ok as alternatives.

But don’t go straight into these dungeons, open up Party Finder and look for or create a party and recruit Blue Mages, or sign up as a BLU.
This method is by far the fastest with the power of BLU, so make use of it!

If you don’t have a BLU or can’t find any, it’s no biggie as queuing for the dungeon through duty finder or farming it with friends works just as fine, and almost as fast.


PvE traits

Trait Acquired Level Effect
 Blood of the Dragon DRG 54 Increases the potency of Jump to 320 and Spineshatter Dive to 250.
 Lance Mastery DRG 64 Allows for immediate execution of Wheeling Thrust after landing Fang and Claw, or Fang and Claw after landing Wheeling Thrust, increasing potency by 100.
 Life of the Dragon DRG 1 70 Allows for the strengthening of the gaze of the first brood upon successfully landing Mirage Dive. When the gaze is its strongest (2 units), Geirskogul will grant you the Life of the Dragon status. While under the effect of Life of the Dragon, Geirskogul will change to Nastrond.
 Jump Mastery DRG 74 Upgrades Jump to High Jump.
 Lance Mastery II DRG 76 Increases the potency of True Thrust to 230, Vorpal Thrust to 130, and Disembowel to 140.Grants Draconian Fire if Fang and Claw is executed following Wheeling Thrust, or vice versa.
 Life of the Dragon Mastery DRG 78 Extends the duration of Life of the Dragon to 30 seconds.
 Enhanced Coerthan Torment DRG 82 Grants the effect of Draconian Fire after successfully completing a combo with Coerthan Torment.
 Enhanced Spineshatter Dive DRG 84 Allows the accumulation of charges for consecutive uses of Spineshatter Dive.
 Lance Mastery III DRG 86 Upgrades Full Thrust to Heavens’ Thrust and Chaos Thrust to Chaotic Spring.
 Enhanced Life Surge DRG 88 Allows the accumulation of charges for consecutive uses of Life Surge.
 Lance Mastery IV DRG 90 Increases the potency of Geirskogul to 260 and Nastrond to 360.

Dragon Gauge

Dragoon’s job gauge shows the remaining duration of a special buff called Blood of the Dragon. It increases the potency of your two abilities – Jump/High Jump and Spineshatter Dive. After the initial use of Blood of the Dragon, you can extend its effect by attacking with two of your weaponskills: Fang and Claw, as well as Wheeling Thrust.

At level 70, you’ll get access to an additional effect associated with Dragon Gauge. It’s called gaze and it’s indicated by the dragon eyes next to your gauge. You can charge this resource with an ability called Mirage Dive. When you get the maximum two stacks, you can use another ability – Geirskogul to transform your Blood of the Dragon buff into the Life of the Dragon. It provides access to some high potency attacks. Life of the Dragon duration can’t be extended, but after it ends, you simply go back to Blood of the Dragon.

Dragoon Rework – FF14 Shadowbringers Guide

In a lot of ways, the Dragoon is like a melee equivalent to the Black Mage. It’s likely the simplest melee DPS in FF14, almost entirely focuses on dealing damage, and it… didn’t change very much at all in Shadowbringers. Every single skill the class has has been touched in some way. But 90 percent of the changes were purely buffs to damage potency. The actual effects of the skill themselves? They’ll look very familiar to old school Dragoon players. As for new players? This is a fantastic place to jump into the game as a DPS class.

Some minor, but noteworthy changes include a faster Jump animation. Square Enix has slowly been speeding up this skill for… as long as I can remember, really. And the folks in the lab have done it again; you jump faster than ever now. The Dragoon’s AOE combo has also been extended with a third skill at level 72. That makes the Dragoon potentially one of the best mob-clearing classes in the game at the moment. The other combos do what you would expect from a DPS class: damage and damage over time.

An Idiot’s Skills/Abilities Guide to DRAGOON | FFXIV






Finally, my favorite class. I absolutely love Dragoon. Its playstyle, aesthetic, design, everything. I have been putting off this guide for a while and finally got around to doing it so thanks for sticking around for those who have been waiting!

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Openers (Provided by The Balance 🤍 :

0:00 — Intro
0:25 — Main Combo
2:02 — Jump and Life Phase
2:49 — Other Jumps
3:19 — Other Abilities
4:11 — Opener
5:02 — Rotation Notes
5:44 — Outro

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Step 4: How to get Law’s Order weapons

Image: Square Enix via Polygon

Upgrading your weapon to a Law’s Order weapon will boost its item level to 510. This step was added in patch 5.45.

To get your next relic:

  1. Complete the steps above.
  2. Hit Resistance Rank 10 in Bozja.
  3. Complete the Bozja dungeon, Castrum Lacus Litore.
  4. Complete the side quests “A Sign of What’s to Come”, “Fit for a Queen”, and “In the Queen’s Image.”
  5. Accept the repeatable quest “Change of Arms” from Zlatan in Gangos.
  6. Obtain and turn in 15 Loathsome Memories of the Dying to Zlatan.

The gray Loathsome Memories of the Dying are rewards for beating the final boss in Castrum Lacus Litore, clearing any Crystal Tower alliance raid, and completing critical engagements in Bozja. Beating the Castrum Lacus Litore boss rewards five memories.

Similarly to the previous steps, you do not need to earn these memories while playing as the job you want the weapon for.


Authors:Ramza Beoulve’     (awesomeuno#7660)

Special thanks to:

LeviLevi’s Discord

Mox Xinmagar        (Mox#0007)For the WAR guide that was cloned, slaughtered and modified to make this guide, and for helping me format and pretty it up.

Rin Karigani            (Rin Karigani#0015)Extremely powerful tank who I have stalked logs of for optimization and speedrunning, as well as being an Ultimate Tank friend.

Ari                             (AriNeedsAUsername#2514)Math wizard who graciously let me use his mitigation cheatsheet.

Demon                     (Demon#2000)Has helped me learn a lot of in’s and out’s of Dark Knight, and provided his Optimization guide to help improve this one.

Nethar                      (nethar#5308)For letting me use her weaving infographic.

Aho  Senpai              (Aho Senpai#0818)Utilized his site to build the images for the various openers.

Tank_gen friends    (Various discord profiles)Jaden, Tonto, Hopps, Runyst, Forgotten Freedom, Torael, Sizzy, Pazu, Zana for being excellent friendos.

5 Reasons Why You Should Play Dragoon/DRG (Lancer)






It really took me a second time and a different type of content,
but I fell in love, more than ever before.

However, here are some more ideas, why other jobs are great as well:
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0:00 Introduction
0:26 Disclaimer
0:51 1st Reason
1:48 2nd Reason
3:00 3rd Reason
4:27 4th Reason
5:59 5th Reason
7:46 Some Disadvantages
9:15 Closing Thoughts

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Gunbreaker Beginner’s Rotation Guide for FFXIV Shadowbringers

Basic Damage Mitigation

While the Gunbreaker seems to be loaded with offensive abilities at a glance, it also comes packed with some neat mitigation cooldowns that will help you manage a lot of the damage you take during pulls and boss fights.

The standard tank-wide abilities like Rampart and Reprisal are all here, so make sure to use them when appropriate. However, Gunbreaker also comes with extra mitigation abilities, as listed below:

  • Camouflage
  • Nebula
  • Aurora
  • Superbolide

Camouflage and Nebula are pretty standard mitigating abilities, while Aurora is sort of a mini Regen ability that you can place on yourself or an ally. Superbolide is an ability that reduces you to 1 HP but renders you impervious to most attacks.

Think of Superbolide as your version of Hallowed Ground for the Paladin, but with a bit of risk attached to it. It’s worth noting that you’ll get the HP reduction first before the shielding effect comes into play, which means that if you get hit at an unfortunate time, you’ll instantly die, so use it with caution.

As always, make sure Royal Guard is activated, as that’s your ‘tank stance’ as a Gunbreaker, and this will help you keep enmity in dungeons.

Single Target Rotation

At level 60, your Gunbreaker rotation in FFXIV Shadowbringers is pretty basic. You’ll want to focus on building up cartridges to use Burst Strike and your Gnashing Fang combo. For single target situations, you’ll probably want to prioritize your Gnashing Fang combo over Burst Strike.

Your rotation should look a little like this:

Keen Edge -> Brutal Shell -> Solid Barrel

Solid Barrel will give you one cartridge. In between your combos, you’ll also want to make use of your oGCD abilities like Rough Divide and Danger Zone for extra DPS, as well as Sonic Break for a DoT effect. Don’t forget to use No Mercy for a short DPS boost whenever it’s off cooldown.

AoE Rotation

When pulling mobs in a dungeon, you’ll want to prioritize Burst Strike over the Gnashing Fang combo instead for faster DPS.

Your rotation should look like this:

Lightning Shot -> Demon Slice -> Demon Slaughter

This increases your enmity while dealing AoE damage, and finishing the combo also gives you one cartridge. Just like you would with your single target rotation, you’ll also want to weave in your oGCD abilities like Rough Divide, Danger Zone, Sonic Break, along with No Mercy.

That’s all you need to know about the Gunbreaker’s basic level 60 rotation in FFXIV Shadowbringers. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

Here are a few other guides to get you started:

  • How to Start Healer Role Quest
  • How to Start Tank Role Quest
  • Where the Sweet Smelling Perfume Is and How to Use It

Prequests That You Must Do

Return to Ivalice!

First you must have completed the entire Return to Ivalice quest line starting from Dramatis Personae in Kugane.

Here is a link to help you with that!

Queue times are fortunately much faster thanks to the later Resistance Quests, you’ll see!

Resistance Weapons: Hail To The Queen!

Starting in Kugane is the quest Hail to the Queen and the beginning of the entire Resistance Weapons questline.

You should be able to follow the quests easily enough. Keep in mind you WILL have to continue doing these Bozjan quests as you progress!

Things You Will Have To Do

You WILL have to do the questline within the Bozjan Southern Front and Zadnor.

  • You will only need 1,000 poetics to create each relic weapon after your first
  • There are 38 Sidequests, 7 of which are repeatable to create more relics
  • Some of these are located in Gangos, some of these are inside The Bozjan Southern Front, and some in Zadnor, they’re pretty hard to miss and have straight forward questlines.
  • The furthest quest you need to complete to finish your relic is A New Playing Field, every other quest after that will complete Zadnor and the current Bozjan story to tell.

You WILL need to upgrade your resistance rank and earn mettle to do so. Don’t sleep on Bozja because it is required for the relic. To complete your relic you will need at least rank 15!

If You Want To Farm Multiple Relics

The biggest thing I try my best to do is to keep all of the quests active, so I can farm all of the memories passively while I play the game.

Here are the quests you can keep active to farm the different memories while you play:

  1. For Want of a Memory
  2. The Will to Resist
  3. Change of Arms
  4. A New Path of Resistance
  5. Irresistible

An Idiot’s Guide Skills/Abilities to Dragoon! | FFXIV Shadowbringers | 5.55






I mainly want to make these guides to try and find a style for content I’d want to make in the future. Hopefully once Endwalker releases, I can redo this guide and make more for the rest of the classes! Make sure to check out my Twitch as I have been streaming my static’s progression of UCoB and more FFXIV content, and sometimes I stream other games as well. Let me know if I should make any changes and if I missed anything!
Thanks for watching!

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9 Ninja

Несмотря на относительно низкий урон, Ninja был золотым дитем меты 4.0 благодаря Trick Attack и его способности к защите. Однако, чтобы навык был эффективным, его нужно использовать правильно, что часто ускользает от многих игроков. Кроме того, техники мудры требуют нескольких быстрых вводов, которые слишком легко испортить в пылу битвы.

К счастью, в недавнем живом письме разработчики объявили, что в предстоящем патче Ninja появятся некоторые изменения. Каковы именно эти изменения, еще предстоит выяснить, но мы знаем, что они повлияют на работу навыков трюковой атаки и мудры. Ниндзя после выхода дополнения Endwalker потеряют способность Shadowfang, но многие из его способностей были оптимизированы, чтобы сделать класс намного проще в использовании и понимании. У них также было больше возможностей для нанесения урона противникам.


Так как я теперь являюсь админом Discord-сервера Пробудителей, то не могу не написать таланты на прокачку драктиров. Стартовый билд на 60 уровне:

Финальный билд на 70 уровне:

  • Огненное дыхание стоит заряжать до максимального ранга, чтобы сразу нанести большое количество урона, а в начале прокачки – ваншотнуть целый пак мобов.
  • Всплеск вечности заряжайте согласно количеству целей в бою. Помните, что талант Охват вечности удваивает количество поражаемых противников этой способностью.
  • В бою против 1-3 целей используйте Дезинтеграцию, а Погребальный костер стоит кастовать либо при наличии стаков Заряженного взрыва (20 стаков в 2 цели и 10+ стаков в 3 цели), либо в бою против 4+ врагов.
  • Вы можете подхиливать себя не только Изумрудным цветком и Живым жаром, но и Живительными объятиями. Эта способность применяется мгновенно и её можно использовать после каждого боя с паком.
  • Используйте Ярость Аспектов и Ярость дракона на прокачке по КД.

FFXIV: Endwalker Lancer/Dragoon 1 to 90 Leveling Skills Guide






Patch 6.3: Life Surge cooldown reduced to 40 seconds. Massive QoL for aligning for 2 minute buff windows.

New? Got too many skills? Made the mistake of using a level skip and have no idea what anything does? Just hate reading? Try this guide out!

This guide seeks to teach new Dragoons how to Dragoon properly, without getting too deep into optimization. I’ll be showing off and explaining some openers but not delving too much deeper beyond that and general skill usage. Endgame is a long way away and there’s lots to learn along the way. Start slow and work your way up one skill at a time! Then, graduate to more advanced guides.

General DPSing Guide: 🤍
Melee Role Actions Guide: 🤍
Guide to my HUD: 🤍
Dictionary of Terms (if you need): 🤍

Rotation images: 🤍

Twitch: 🤍
Twitter: 🤍
Discord: 🤍
Patreon: 🤍

Try out NoPing to make your game run smoother: 🤍
Use Coupon Code WESKALBER for 20% off!

Intro: 0:00
Playstyle Summary 1:51
L1. True Thrust: 2:54
L4. Vorpal Thrust: 3:06
L6. Life Surge: 3:39
Role Actions: Second Wind, Leg Sweep, and Bloodbath: 4:22
L15. Piercing Talon: 4:45
L18. Disembowel: 5:42
Role Action: Feint: 6:22
L26. Full Thrust: 6:26
L30. Lance Charge: 7:04
Job Requirements: 7:33
L30. Jump: 7:47
L30. Opener: 9:33
Role Action: Arm’s Length: 11:01
L35. Elusive Jump: 11:06
L40. Doom Spike: 12:37
L45. Spineshatter Dive: 13:44
Role Action: True North: 14:38
L50. Chaos Thrust: 14:44
L50. Dragonfire Dive: 16:26
L50. Opener: 17:20
L52. Battle Litany: 20:21
L54. Blood of the Dragon: 20:59
L56. Fang and Claw: 21:34
L58. Wheeling Thrust: 22:19
L60. Geirskogul: 22:43
L60. Opener: 23:32
L62. Sonic Thrust: 25:20
L64. Lance Mastery: 26:12
L66. Dragon Sight: 27:37
L68. Mirage Dive: 29:18
L70. Life of the Dragon and Nastrond: 30:19
L70. Opener: 31:53
L72. Coerthan Torment: 35:04
L74. Jump Mastery and High Jump: 35:35
L76. Lance Mastery II and Raiden Thrust: 35:39
L78. Life of the Dragon Mastery: 36:35
L80. Stardiver: 37:00
L82. Enhanced Coerthan Torment and Draconian Fury: 38:20
L84. Enhanced Spineshatter Diver: 38:46
L86. Lance Mastery III, Heavens’ Thrust, and Chaotic Spring: 39:10
L88. Enhanced Life Surge: 39:44
L90. Lance Mastery IV: Wyrmwind Thrust: 40:03
L90. Opener: 41:24
Outro: 43:55

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Разблокирование сюжетных линий в Final Fantasy XIV

Получение право на участие в прошлых дополнениях в FFXIV требует надлежащей регистрации учетной записи на дочернем сайте Square Enix, Mog Station . Это может немного сбивать с толку, поскольку с момента ее запуска в 2010 году было выпущено несколько разных изданий Final Fantasy XIV . Другой уровень — и платформа, и регион владения должны соответствовать всем программам. Эта система также будет применяться ко всем будущим дополнениям, в том числе к Final Fantasy XIV наконец-то приходит на Xbox. Подводя итог, что необходимо как для реестра, так и для завершения в игре:

Доступ к Stormblood

  • Зарегистрируйте любую базовую копию Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn , Final Fantasy XIV: Starter Edition или оригинал Final Fantasy XIV 1.0
  • Зарегистрируйте Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker для той же платформы и страны, что и основная игра: стандартный ПК с Windows , Steam PC , Mac или PlayStation
  • Загрузить патч 6.0.
  • Получите 60 уровень на любом боевом задании.
  • Пройдите всю основную сюжетную линию вплоть до Heavensward 3.5 quest Дальний край судьбы

Доступ к Shadowbringers

  • Зарегистрируйте любую базовую копию Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn , Final Fantasy XIV: для начинающих. или оригинальную Final Fantasy XIV 1.0
  • Зарегистрируйтесь Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker для той же платформы и страна в качестве базовой игры: стандартный ПК с Windows , Steam ПК , Mac или PlayStation
  • Загрузить патч 6.0
  • Получите 70 уровень на любом боевом задании.
  • Завершите всю основную сюжетную линию вплоть до квеста Stormblood 4.5 Реквием героев

Для владельцев PlayStation все версии консолей имеют одну универсальную лицензию. Это даже включает в себя уже не существующую версию для PlayStation 3, которая по-прежнему будет считаться правом собственности на Final Fantasy XIV на PlayStation 4 и PlayStation 5 . Однако для всех платформ следует дважды проверить, что Endwalker соответствует их региону Final Fantasy XIV

Жителям Африки, Ближнего Востока, Азии и Австралии следует проявлять особую осторожность, поскольку несовместимые европейские и японские копии часто продаются не на том региональном рынке


Performing actions in a certain order increases potency and applies combo bonuses.

 True Thrust >  Vorpal Thrust >  Heavens’ Thrust >  Fang and Claw >  Wheeling Thrust: Deals damage to a single target. When the player reach level 86 on this job, the action  Full Thrust is upgraded to Heavens’ Thrust, further increasing the combo’s damage. Wheeling Thrust grants Draconian Fire, changing True Thrust to  Raiden Thrust

 True Thrust >  Disembowel >  Chaotic Spring >  Wheeling Thrust >  Fang and Claw: Disembowel grants Power Surge, increasing damage dealt by 10% for 30s. Chaotic Spring inflicts a Damage over Time effect for 24s. When the player reach level 86 on this job, the action  Chaos Thrust is upgraded to Chaotic Spring, further increasing the potency of the Damage over Time effect. Fang and Claw grants Draconian Fire, changing True Thrust to  Raiden Thrust.

 Doom Spike >  Sonic Thrust >  Coerthan Torment: Hits multiple enemies. Sonic Thrust grants Power Surge. Coerthan Torment grants Draconian Fire, changing Doom Spike to  Draconian Fury

Note that while Fang and Claw and Wheeling Thrust have no combo bonuses, in practice they can be thought of as such.

How to Unlock the Dragoon Job – FF14 Shadowbringers Guide

Like most Jobs in FF14, the Dragoon is accessible at the outset of the game. Sorta. You just need to choose to play as a Lancer at the start. This is the early version of the Dragoon, and will transform into the advanced Job once you reach level 30. You just need to progress through the campaign and the Lancer class quests until you reach level 30. Then the Dragoon Job quest will become available — granting you access to its unique abilities. But if you want to unlock the Dragoon after starting as something else, just head to Gridania and look for the Lancer Guild. The attendant NPC there will get you started.

Dragoon FAQ

Who Should Play A Dragoon?

The Dragoon is a fast-paced melee DPS class that is always in the middle of the action. They have a very distinct look and very recognizable armors and lance. If these aspects appeal to you, play a Dragoon.

Is The Dragoon a Good Class?

The Dragoon has one of the highest damage outputs in the game and is generally sought after in groups and raids making it a very good class.

Is It Hard to play a dragoon?

The Dragoon is not the easiest class to play as you have to manage your position for attacks and not get hit. This combined with jumps and OGCD’s can make it a difficult class to play at end-game.

How Do I Become A Dragoon?

To become a Dragoon you must first become a Lancer. Go to the Lancer’s Guild is in Old Gridania. At level 30 you will get the option to become a Dragoon. See our FFXIIV Leveling Guide for tips on how to get to level 30 and beyond quickly.

What is the Best Race for a Dragoon?

Race doesn’t really matter much in FFXIV as the starting stats won’t make any impact, so generally, you should pick the race that you want to play. Str & Vit are the most important stats for the Dragoon so if you want to you can pick a race with high Str & Vit.

FFXIV — Dragoon/DRG in 5 minutes (Job overview)






Welcome to another video from me, that should serve as a short overview for the Dragoon, regarding its actual tier placement, gear recommendations and the basic functionalitiy of its combat system.

If you like this new format, please tell me inside of the comment section and I will make one for each job that my «Ultimate» guides have missed yet.
Thank you for your support and keep loving Final Fantasy !

my 7.5k rotation: 🤍
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Patch 5.4 Dragoon/DRG Power Test — Ilvl 510 (Weaker than the others?)






Is it really less strong than Monk or Samurai? See for yourself but I guess the Balancing is on top right now !

See you tomorrow in the Shadowlands or on Mondays, back in Eorzea:

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