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Leveling | What’s the best way to level Retainers?

Square Enix offers leveling boosts for Retainers, but they’re relatively easy to level on their own and worth the grind. The short of leveling boils down to one guiding rule: Quick Ventures are always better experience gains if you can reset them often, but the 18-hour Exploration journeys are good for saving tokens and long absences. As for gathering, it’s completely reasonable to treat all heavily used Retainers (aside from Fisher) like your own character and equipment them with FFXIV’s current BIS. 

Quick Venture Leveling

These tasks are available to any class after level 10. They take an hour to complete and cost two tokens for every assignment, but these quests have no gear requirements. They’re easy, cheap, and you can skip gearing them until they’re level 90 through this option. Better gear can mean better rewards, but even low-level NPC partners can bring back profitable gathers. You’ll always get one item in return, ranging from glamour that sells for millions to trash you’d give to the vendor.

Completing around three to four of these per day exceeds the experience gained from any longer quests. And at low levels, those Exploration Ventures rarely bring back anything good, anyway. This is by far your better pick. 


Equipment may not be a priority for those leveling through Quick Ventures, but you shouldn’t skip out on endgame gear for your Retainers. Some missions have ilvl requirements while gathering and perception stats matter, too.  

Battle jobs prioritize item level, so it’s worth hiring your main class to give them older gear. Just skirting by on the requirements may also mean you aren’t bringing back maximum yield on hunting ventures, but keeping up with current content and giving them Tomestone equipment brings better results. An ilvl that’s within the range of current content expectations means your Retainer is bringing back the highest amount of materials it can when hunting for leather, food, etc. 

Miners and Botanists need better gathering and perception stats to complete higher-level tasks. You can take this a step further by melding your Retainer gear with Materia, but don’t do this until you have BIS items, as it’s a waste and won’t reach the best yield outcomes. For these classes, it’s worth taking as seriously as you would your own gathering gear if you intend on putting them to heavy use. Craft HQ equipment, save Materia, and overmeld when possible. It’ll net you a higher yield on retrieving endgame materials. 

Fishing Retainers have higher perception requirements for their 18-hour tasks; you can forgo worrying about gathering. Higher perception nets your Retainer more fish, so if you’re farming them for Alchemist or Culinarian recipes, dump old Materia into your gear and send them on their way. 

Obtaining and customizing retainers[]

In A Realm Reborn, players are authorized to hire a retainer upon joining the Scions of the Seventh Dawn during the main scenario. Retainers can be hired by speaking with Retainer Vocates in any the major cities’ Market Ward. Up to two retainers may be hired into service. Players can obtain additional retainers by paying an additional fee with their subscription.

Players can choose from any race/gender combination for their retainer, customize their appearance and assign a nickname to refer to them. Heavensward must be registered to a players account to hire Auri retainers, while Shadowbringers must be registered to hire Viera and Hrothgar retainers. Until Patch 2.2, they could wear whatever piece of equipment is on sale, as a means to advertise wares, but with the addition of Ventures players can outfit them manually and assign a class. Patch 2.4 introduced an item called Retainer Fantasia (obtained randomly from Quick Exploration ventures), which enables the player to change their retainer’s appearance and name without dismissing them. Starting with Patch 3.2, retainers can be assigned a full job, including those added with expansions.

The player can summon their retainer with the Retainer Bell in the Market Ward of every major city, as well as residential districts, inn rooms, and other major settlements like Revenant’s Toll. A Retainer Bell can also be installed within player housing and comes installed in Free Company workshops.

FF14 Retainer Guide: How It Works, Best Retainer Classes, and Ventures

There has been an influx of new players in the recent months since Final Fantasy’s latest expansion Shadowbringers has launched. The world of FF14 is vast, and if you’re starting from level one, it can be completely overwhelming. 

That being said, I’m here to help figure your way around «Retainers.» Retainers are crucial to helping you along your leveling path. And they become even more useful as you expand and grow them into companions while making a name for yourself. 

We are going to explore all the functions of a Retainer, how they can be useful, and some of the best possible ways to build them up to be badass confidants. Let’s dive in.

Questing | How to unlock and setup Retainers

The journey begins in whatever city-state you’ve chosen to start your Warrior of Light’s journey in, so head to Ul’dah, Limsa Lominsa, or Gridania. At level 17, you can complete the quest An Ill-conceived Venture, which sends you on a short journey to find a missing Retainer and earns you six Ventures.

Those Venture tokens can be used to send Retainers out on missions, and more are obtained through Grand Company, Tombstone, Gold Saucer, Scrip, Hunt, Wolf Mark, or Beast Tribe exchanges. They’re worth stocking up on; you’ll need a ton for farming endgame materials and missions.

Retainers — The basics explained

  • Two Retainers are free; seven more are available through the Mog Station for a fee.
  • Dispatch, manage tax, and edit Retainers through Retainer Vocates in most cities.
  • Summoning Bells in any area will provide access to all of your aides
  • All Retainers can store items, sell items, and serve as a place to hold Gil
  • Players can assign them to battle or gathering classes
  • Retainer levels cannot exceed your level on that job

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After you’ve completed the unlock quest, hire your first two NPCs, provide them with a main hand item, and prepare to send them out on Quick Ventures. 

Как получить больше гонораров


Планируете отправить несколько вассалов на предприятия, разгружая на них ненужные предметы, или вам нужно использовать их в качестве хранилища для всех ваших материалов для сбора? Возможно, вам придется потратить на это дополнительные деньги.

Вы можете иметь в общей сложности десять Retainers, но в результате вам придется добавить дополнительные подписки к уже существующей. Хотя добавить одного или двух не так уж и страшно, стоимость содержания большого количества Retainers может действительно влететь в копеечку.

Чтобы добавить дополнительных слуг, вам нужно будет отправиться на станцию ​​Mog, прокрутить вниз до раздела «Дополнительные платные опции». и выберите либо «Retainer Service» или «Дополнительное приложение». Информацию об обоих вариантах можно найти ниже.

Услуги для клиентов

Услуги для клиентов опция позволит вам нанять до семи дополнительных риелторов за 2 доллара США каждые 30 дней вашей текущей подписки. Например, если срок действия вашей подписки истекает в июне 2022 г., и вы получите одного гонорара в январе, общая сумма составит около 12 долларов США. Эта сумма также будет масштабироваться в зависимости от того, сколько гонораров вы нанимаете: 2 – 24 доллара, 3 – 36 долларов США и т. д. . Общая сумма у всех будет разная, так как она полностью зависит от того, сколько месяцев у вас осталось по подписке Final Fantasy 14.

Кроме того, если вы платите ежемесячно для вашей подписки Final Fantasy 14, ваша первоначальная плата за услугу удержания будет взиматься за оставшуюся часть текущего месяца.Кроме того, она будет автоматически продлеваться вместе с ежемесячной подпиской вашей учетной записи службы.

  • Если ваша учетная запись службы владеет Final Fantasy 14 через Steam, вы можете использовать свой кошелек Steam для получения дополнительных услуг.
  • Crysta, валюта учетной записи Square Enix, также может быть использована для услуг Retainer Services.
  • После обработки пропорционального платежа за подписку Retainer Services будет следовать тому же методу регулярного выставления счетов за подписку, что и ваш Учетная запись службы.
  • Вы можете отменить автоматическое продление для службы Retainer в любое время и независимо от подписки на вашу учетную запись службы.


Помимо услуг Retainer, вы можете получить дополнительного Retainer, обновив Final Fantasy 14 Companion. Премиум-подписка на приложение. Как и в случае с Retainer Service, подписка на Премиум-членство полностью зависит от того, сколько месяцев у вас осталось до окончания действия подписки на Final Fantasy 14.

Однако Премиум-членство стоит 5 долларов США в месяц.

Рекомендуем ознакомится с другими гайдами на популярные игры Расскажем про секреты и хитрости, которые можно использовать в играх со своей выгодой. А также про полезные и интересные историй в видеоиграх.

strong> Таким образом, если срок действия подписки вашей учетной записи службы истекает в июне 2022 года, а в январе вы перейдете на премиум-членство, общая сумма составит около 30 долларов США. И, как и в случае со службами удержания, общая сумма для всех будет разной, так как она полностью зависит от того, сколько месяцев у вас осталось по подписке Final Fantasy 14.

  • Crysta, валюта учетной записи Square Enix, также может быть использована для услуг Retainer Services.
  • После обработки пропорционального платежа за подписку ваше Премиум-членство в сопутствующем приложении будет следовать тому же методу периодического выставления счетов за подписку, что и ваша учетная запись службы.
  • Вы можете отменить автоматическое продление для службы Retainer в любое время и независимо от подписки на вашу учетную запись службы.

Изменение внешнего вида

Одна вещь, которую вы, возможно, не захотите игнорировать, — это ваша внешность, потому что все хотят выглядеть модно. Есть три способа изменить свой внешний вид.

Первый — это Fantasia, и поскольку это предмет за реальные деньги, он недоступен, если вы используете учетную запись бесплатной пробной версии. Это небольшое зелье, которое по сути позволяет вам заново переделать создание персонажа: вы можете изменить все, от вашей расы до ваших бровей.

Вторая — это система гламура, система тщеславия Final Fantasy XIV . Это позволяет вам менять внешний вид одного элемента на другой. Чтобы разблокировать это, просто выполните квест 15 уровня If I Had A Glamour в Western Thanalan, а также его продолжение. Это будет стоить вам гламурных призм, но очарование вашего снаряжения — довольно важная часть Final Fantasy XIV , вплоть до того, что вокруг этого даже еженедельно крутится мини-игра.

Последний метод перенастройки персонажа — это эстетика. Еще раз, вы должны быть 15 уровня и выполнить квест Beauty Is Only Scalp Deep в Лимса Ломинса. После этого вы можете использовать звонок в своей частной комнате гостиницы, чтобы вызвать Джанделейн, которая будет более чем счастлива изменить вашу прическу, общие черты лица или татуировки. Еще больше причесок можно разблокировать из Золотого блюдца. Кстати об этом …

Achievement #101 Guide


This is a guide on how to achieve 150% on a save file in Reventure. There are HEAVY spoilers ahead, so please don’t read the guide unless you have finished the game or wish to see what is ahead.

Dark Tower and Desert

After getting ending 100 (Super Tim), first acquire the Hookclaw and the Hero Sword, then venture to the Dark Fortress. Below the staircase left of the Dark Abyss, There will be an opened door, venture through this. There will be a pillar you have to jump over, similar to the Secret Passage under the Farmlands.

Venture over this pit, on the right side there will be some leaves. Break these inwards, then go through the brush. There will be some parkour with ghost walls, but they’re only single indented. By now, you should have used your Hookclaw and gotten to the right summit. Press the button, and continue up.

Use your Hookclaw to venture above the large door. There should be three minions on the left and right. Use your sword to kill them and stack their bodies to you can jump up to the next section. (Note, later once you get the Prototype, there will be a platform sticking out on the right. Use the minions to jump up here, then go onto the outer platform. This will bring you to the top of the tower.)

This second section is straightforward, jump onto the platforms, but be careful as to not be hit by the minions. On the top-most platform, there is a secret area where you can hookshot up on either side, near the end farthest from the exit upward. This is optional.

The third section is the most risky. You have to push the minion corpse onto the three falling platforms on the right. Then use this new platform to jump onto the other platforms. You have one chance at this. The next area has trees as shown below. Break them so they are in a similar order to this.

Don’t break any other trees. With this pattern, you will ascend from the right.

Finally, you’ve reached the summit. From here. take the Chicken and fly right to the Desert. After some flying, you’ll reach the Desert Cliff, jump Down, swim past the water, press as many buttons as you’d like, and jump above the door into the Hidden Passage. From here, simply progress through the cliff, and jump up, and you’ll receive the Prototype.


Protoventure is accessible from the initial Screen of your save. There are eight endings. The Hidden Object Guru made a wonderful video on this, I reccomend you watch this if you’re having trouble with the endings.

Hint, a ‘theme’ in this game is “less is more”.

Final Percentages

After achieving unlocking and achieving all eight Endings of Protoventure (9%) and the Dark Tower (3%) There are several other steps to 125%.

Hint Room

Bring the Chicken to the Great waterfall, hug the left wall as you descend. You’ll find the translators and some hints in the large stone area. You can also access this area with the Shovel, by digging down in the Final Resting place.

Chicken Brothers

Take the Dark Tower Chicken left, towards the Chicken on the Mountain. This is simplified with the Elevator mentioned in Dark Tower and Desert.

Chicken DNA Swap

Bring the Chicken to the Barn…

Mimic Explosion

Use Mr. Hugs near the entrance of the Fake Princess’ Cell. The mimic will explode (this one counts for 2%).

Developer Studio

Find the Pixelatto Studio right of the Final Resting Place

Developer Hug

Hug all the Developers in Pixelatto Studio right of the Final Resting Place.


Destroy all the grass. Seriously.

Cat Murder

Murder all the cats… you monster.

Shopkeeper Secret

Bring the Princess to the door under the Shop. Activate the elevator. Move under it.

Under the Princess

Bring the Chicken and the Sword. Rescue the Princess, then use the Chicken to fly to the Vent on the right above the Anvil Pit. This is above the Right Crown Door.

True Art

Go right of the Princess to the Piano, then stand on the painting for about a minute. I’m sure you’ll notice you’ll start zooming in.

Pirate Door

Go out to the ocean and swim left, Go left instead of right in the keep of the Pirate Ship Door.

What Are the Venture Coffer Odds?

When you get a retainer up to level 90, there’s a small chance they can return with a Venture Coffer. These boxes contain one of the rare General-purpose Dyes you frequently see on the market. Some of these go for under 1,000 Gil, others for tens of thousands, and in the case of white and black, in the hundreds of thousands.

Understandably, they’re highly sought after. But what are the odds? According to this player’s data (shared via Reddit) from 500 runs with maxed out retainers: about three percent.

That means on average you should earn one about every 33 times you send out your retainers. If you only have the two free retainers that come with your regular FFXIV subscription, this can obviously take a while. Keep in mind that all of this is random chance. You can get Venture Coffers back to back or you can go weeks with absolutely horrid luck.

The reward from a single level 90 Quick Exploration.

What is a Retainer, and how do I unlock it?

In a nutshell, retainers are assistants you hire to help you manage your resources. Each retainer you hire can hold a total of 175 different items. Aside from regular items, retainers can also hold your gil and crafting crystals that are kept in various departments.

It’s also the only source that allows you to sell things on the city markets boards to make gil. When you put an item up for sale, and another player buys your product, the money you receive will go directly into the retainer you used to put that particular item on the market board.

Retainers are like your personal assistant, maid, or manager (which term you prefer) that awaits your beckoning call. It truly is an excellent resource. 

Now, to unlock retainers, you must complete the main story quest, «The Scions of the Seventh Dawn.» This quest is available at level 17, and since leveling is so fast in the earlier stages of FF14, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Once you have completed the quest, you can then hire retainers in the three main cities that are available to you early on in the game.

What is the custodial joint venture?

Retainer Ventures are odd jobs that you can send your NPC subordinates to to collect items. To gain access to Retainer Ventures, players must first complete the main scenario quest “The Scions of the Seventh Dawn” and have at least one subordinate on their job..

The player must then complete a side quest to unlock Retainer Ventures. Quests depend on the player’s home city, with each mission being as follows:

  • Limsa Lominsa – “An Unformed Venture Company” by Troubled Explorers in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X: 9, Y: 11).
  • Gridania – “An Unformed Venture Company” by the Troubled Adventurer in New Gridania (X: 11.8, Y: 12,2).
  • Ul’dah – “A Utopian Adventure” given by the Troubled Adventurer in The Steps of Nald (X: 9, Y: 8).

You can send your subordinates to join the Joint Venture from any Summoning Bells. If you have multiple subordinates, you can send each of them out in their own Joint Venture. Sending your holders out A joint venture costs money – a special currency known as a joint venture. Adventure currency can be purchased from Grand Company suppliers, Beastmen Tribe suppliers, or through completing certain Guildleves.

Your retainer’s level and equipment can affect the rarity, quality, and quantity of items they acquire while exploring. There is a wide range of Retainer Venture options, depending on the class and level of your underlings. Also, most Adventure types have multiple levels, with your players gaining access to higher level Adventures as their own levels level up.

Adventurous projects take a certain number of hours to complete, unfortunately those are real-world hours. Therefore, some longer adventure activities should be started before you go to bed or work, so you are not just waiting for your Keeper to return. However, you may choose to cancel the Venture early, although you will not receive the reward.

Types of storage business

Type of joint venture Mandatory retention class Collected items
Hunting Any disciple of war and magic To get materials collected from killing enemies.
Mining Miner class To get crafting materials obtained from mining.
Botany Botany class To obtain botanically crafted materials.
Fishing Fisher’s Class To get crafting materials from fishing.
Field exploration Any disciple of war and magic To get random rewards like various items, Allagan shards, minions and crafting materials.
Explore the Central Highlands Miner class To get random rewards like various items, Allagan shards, minions and crafting materials.
Explore the forest Botany class To get random rewards like various items, Allagan shards, minions and crafting materials.
Coastal exploration Fisher’s Class To get random rewards like various items, Allagan shards, minions and crafting materials.
Quick Explore Any class from level ten and up To get random rewards from crafting materials, furniture, end-game gear, minions, etc

Наем слуг

После выполнения вышеуказанных требований вы, наконец, сможете нанять слугу. Для этого вам нужно будет поговорить с Retainer Vocate в одном из крупных городов, который обычно находится рядом с рыночными досками. Если у вас возникли проблемы с их поиском, вы можете увидеть их точное местоположение ниже.

  • Парнелл — Старая Гридания (X:14.6, Y:9.3)

Чачаби — Ульдах, Ступени Тала (X:13.3, Y:9.7)

Фридвиб — Нижние палубы Лимса Ломинса (X:8.3, Y: 11.5)
Прунилла — Столпы (X:8.1, Y:10.9)
Казаши — Кугане (X:11.6 , Y:12.1)
Мисфрит — Кристариум (X:10.4, Y:13.1)
Танин — Старый Шарлаян (X:12.6, Y:10.8)

Поговорив с Retainer Vocate, вы создадите своего Retainer и назначите ему личность. По умолчанию вы можете нанять до двух слуг в рамках вашей действующей подписки на Final Fantasy 14. Тем не менее, вы можете получить в общей сложности до десяти гонораров, о чем мы подробнее расскажем в следующем разделе.

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